Reproducibility PUBLISHING: Join the discussion

Please join us for the fourth community conversation in our series of discussions around reproducibility. This month, we invite you to a conversation on publishing and scholarly communications of reproducible research!

We are hoping in particular to discuss the following topics:

  • How can and should we update scholarly publishing to reflect the richness of methods and underlying materials to support claims?
  • Is there a consensus about what should be published in support of reproducibility?
  • How do Open Scholarship principles interact with reproducibility publishing? 
    • What about FAIR and CARE Principles? 
  • Who is responsible for ensuring that published materials are reproducible?
  • How do journal policies on reproducibility manifest in our communities (e.g.TOP Guidelines)? How well are they followed and enforced?
  • Who reviews reproducibility materials before publication? How is that process integrated with the general publication process? How can or should peer review be updated as a process to align with the goals of promoting reproducible research?
  • How can we align our assessment and metrics to foster an environment that promotes reproducible research?

We will convene on June 24, 2021 from 12 – 1 PM EDT. RSVP here for a personalized Zoom link.

What to expect: This is an interactive session. We are interested in “taking the pulse” and hearing your views about these issues. We won’t have presentations or panels. We’ll have prompts with questions and rely on participants to keep the conversation going. We’ll have collaborative notes document for participants to drop in links to resources as well as take notes about our discussion. Afterwards, we’ll publish a blog post summarizing what we discussed on this blog. The conversation will be moderated by the P-WG leaders: Limor Peer and Vicky Rampin.

Important information:

About this blog: P-WG is extending an invitation to the community to engage in conversation about topics related to the reproducibility of computational research via the blog, “Taking the Pulse.” In a series of open community meetings, the P-WG will explore issues related to reproducibility and document the views of different communities, culminating in recommendations informed by current practices. The P-WG will hold a forum for conversation about these topics over the course of several months:

PRINCIPLESMarch 25We will explicate ACM principles with respect to reproducibility.
SOLUTIONSApril 22The current state of solutions and tools that support reproducibility.
TRAININGMay 20How is training and education being conducted to teach reproducibility skills?
PUBLISHINGJune 24Journals’ and conferences’ approaches to computational reproducibility.
PRESERVATIONJuly 29Reproducibility in the long term requires curation and preservation.