EIG on Reproducibility and Replicability

The Emerging Interest Group on Reproducibility and Replicability seeks to coalesce a vibrant scholarly community of researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders aiming to hold computing to the highest standards of reproducible research. Our goal is (i) to contribute to the development of reproducibility standards, practices, and policies across the breadth of the scientific discovery pipeline, and the identification of barriers to their adoption, (ii) to promote the development and evaluation of tools, techniques, and methodologies that efficiently support reproducibility, and (iii) to encourage best practices across the ACM in consort with the larger computational research community.  To do this we will liaise with the different SIGs to ensure that we capitalize on the successful efforts and practices that  exist to promote reproducibility.

The Reproducibility EIG is chaired by Philippe Bonnet. It currently maintains two Working Groups: The Conference WG, chaired by Jay Loftstead and Tanu Malik and the Practices WG, chaired by Limor Peer and Vicky Rampin.